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SAR USATF Arizona Road Racing Age Records

USATF Arizona Road Racing Age Records

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USATF Arizona Road Racing Age Records Search Information

The USATF records for Arizona can be displayed either by specifiying your name or by selecting Gender and Distance. If the latter, you can also restrict the search by selecting an Age Range.

If your first name or last name is not always spelled the same or correctly, you may put in an * which will act as a wild card in the search criteria and find more of your history. For example, if your first name is Dave or David, you could enter Dav* as your first name to get both occurrences.

Another option is to enter your first name 1 as Dave and first name 2 as David so that you get only those two first names. You can do the same with last names. For example, if your last name was Smith at one time and was Jones at another, you could enter Smith in Last Name 1 and Jones in Last Name 2.