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Grand Prix Standings

Grand Prix Scoring Rules

Participants in the Running Shop Grand Prix have one month from the date of a race to dispute the results of that race. If your name does not appear in the results, or you feel that the results are inaccurate, you should contact the race director to resolve the issue. All result disputes will be adjudicated by a Rules Committee consisting of the Club President, the Club Vice-President and the Grand Prix Committee Chair. If a dispute involves one of these members, the SAR Board of Directors will choose a replacement member for the Rules Committee.

Participants can win awards in only one category and will receive the award with the highest value. For example, if a participant wins in the Top 5 Overall Category and in the Age Group Category, they will be pulled from the Age Group Category and those below will be bumped up. For example, if a master's participant wins in the Top 3 Masters Category and the Age Group Category, they will be pulled from the Age Group Category and will receive one award with the highest value. This change was made to standardize the awards across categories and to give a greater number of people recognition for their efforts throughout the year.

Updated Through Thanksgiving Cross-Country Classic Women's 5K

Updated: 12/16/2015 08:05

Age Group Male   Female

Under 20Summary Detail|Summary Detail
20-24Summary Detail|Summary Detail
25-29Summary Detail|Summary Detail
30-34Summary Detail|Summary Detail
35-39Summary Detail|Summary Detail
40-44Summary Detail|Summary Detail
45-49Summary Detail|Summary Detail
50-54Summary Detail|Summary Detail
55-59Summary Detail|Summary Detail
60-64Summary Detail|Summary Detail
65-69Summary Detail|Summary Detail
70-74Summary Detail|Summary Detail
75-79Summary Detail|Summary Detail
80+Summary Detail|Summary Detail